Biden Administration Climate Change Rules Only Apply to You


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Charlotte, NC — When President Joe Biden was elected, everyone on the Left rejoiced. Finally, they had someone in the White House who could reverse those horrible decisions by President Trump that would force our world to end in just 12 years as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had shared with us. Until she admitted that it really wasn’t twelve years, but just a figure of speech.

Biden immediately set out on his “climate change agenda” and revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline. He destroyed thousands of jobs, billions in income, and never batted an eye. He claimed he was going to work on unity and “Building Back Better” but instead focused on destroying.

Environmental groups were celebrating the act. Emily Zanotti from The Daily Wire has an article on how the Left celebrated the job-destroying move and asked that Biden shut down all oil pipelines. Yes, they want to completely destroy the economy and make it impossible for Americans to survive.

Well, not all Americans.

See if you are one of the elite Americans, you are eligible to violate any and all suggestions because you are special. By elite, I mean a Democrat in power. They seem to be exempt from all the rules that they set for everyday Americans.

So is the story of John Kerry, who took a private jet to receive an environmental award. He said it was the only choice for someone like him to travel the world in order to combat climate change. Yet, the very act of him taking that private jet is more detrimental to the environment than other methods of travel.

According to the same Fox News article, private jets emit up to 40 times the carbon per passenger as commercial flights. Based on flight logs, Kerry’s travel on his private jet emitted nearly 30 times the carbon emissions of an average American’s passenger vehicle.

But he wants you to believe that he is fighting for the environment. He wants you to believe that by receiving his special exemption, he is simply fighting for you, the little guy.

Leftists want you to believe that we must act immediately to save our world from harmful emissions and to protect our planet for generations. While I believe in being responsible, I also do not believe in the elitist lifestyle of the Left that they display.

It does not matter whether it is coronavirus restrictions, environmental activism, or simply using social media, the Democrats believe that they are better than everyone. They believe they deserve what they have and that you should simply comply.

They want you to believe that you should be forced into a specific car, to retrofit your house under the Green New Deal, and to change the way you live your life. All the while, we should blindly trust their leadership because, after all, Democrats know best.

This is not unity or bipartisanship. This is straight-up communism and it cannot be tolerated.

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Joe Biden’s Press Secretary is taking heat. Not for dodging press conferences or even for holding them. No, she is apparently screening questions before they are asked. In a direct attack on the free press, the Biden administration again proves they have no interest in the Constitution as they directly attack the American people.

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