Bronx man charged with shooting at door, setting fire in standoff with cops

An armed Bronx man barricaded himself inside his apartment, fired at cops through his front door and set a blaze inside the building during a lengthy standoff with police Wednesday.

Samuel Foster, 39, allegedly fired six shots at police when they tried to enter his University Heights apartment — with three bullets striking a police ballistics shield, police sources said.

He surrendered to cops on his fire escape around 1 p.m. — nearly one and a half hours after police responded to the scene on a call of an emotionally disturbed person.

Foster was charged with attempted murder of a police officer and criminal possession of a weapon, the sources said.

They said he was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

“The whole building was flooded with cops,” said witness Julian Ramirez, 30, who said he was visiting a friend in the building.

“It was like a military assault,” he said. “Then I smelled smoke coming in through the window and the fire department showed up. I felt like the whole world had gone crazy.”

“Then, from out my window, I heard shouting,” Ramirez said. “It was the guy going, ‘I’m unarmed, I’m unarmed.’ He must have shouted it 1,000 times. The next thing I heard was they arrested him and took him away in an ambulance.”


Police surround suspect Samuel Foster on the roof of the apartment building at 135 W. 183rd Street in The Bronx.




Police capture suspect Samuel Foster.






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Dramatic photos from the scene show Foster face down on the fire escape screaming with his hands out — before cops crime through a window and handcuff him.

He can still be seen yelling as he’s being cuffed. Another photo shows a half-dozen police officers on the roof of the building at 135 W. 183rd Street during the standoff.

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