Cuomo Looks Like Mobster As More Details Emerge


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Albany, NY — More details continue to emerge surrounding the coronavirus scandal in New York. We all knew that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had sentenced thousands to die by forcing them out of hospitals and into nursing facilities. We just did not know how bad it really was.

New reports this week outline just how bad the situation really was. The AP reported that over 9,000 COVID positive patients were sent into long-term care facilities in New York. That’s significantly higher than the government reported initially when the details first came out.

Time and again Cuomo mismanaged the crisis in his state. He wrote a book highlighting how great of a leader he was. He even won an Emmy for his performance. A performance where he misled everyone about what he had really done.

What do we expect from a Governor who had disbanded his oversight anti-corruption panel in 2014. He is not operating like a responsible governor, but rather a mobster.

He was always one to try to remain in the spotlight in recent times, until recently. When he visited the White House earlier this week, he wanted to maintain a low profile. He refused to talk to reporters.

The meeting was to discuss the coronavirus with other Governors from around the country. Perhaps he was sharing his stories of how he got away with killing thousands in his state and promoted the spread of coronavirus through his leadership.

The other side of the meeting was for Cuomo to lobby for more money. Money that he says his state needs in order to close their budget gap due to coronavirus. But the budget gap is not due to coronavirus entirely, it’s due to poor management yet again by Cuomo and his corrupt regime in New York.

Cuomo refused to take a pay cut back when the coronavirus began. He maintained his pay, his top officials pay, their staff pay. Yes, Cuomo and his friends are doing just fine. Did I mention they are doing so without oversight of an anti-corruption panel that he disbanded?

He wants to argue that he and his state are suffering, but the only people that are truly suffering are those in his state. They are suffering at the hands of his failed leadership. While he is receiving an Emmy for the performance he put on, New Yorkers are seeing straight through the lies.

Rather than acting like a mobster, he needs to be a leader. He should accept responsibility for the failures that he has caused and face the consequences of his action. As Democrats wanted President Donald Trump to face charges for the coronavirus coming to the US, here is a man who actually made a decision that resulted in the deaths of thousands. But he will face no charges or punishment for his actions.

Cuomo will continue on like nothing ever happened. He will continue to lead New York, telling them that he is fighting for their best interests. When we all know that he will simply be leading like a mobster. He will continue to be corrupt, only protecting himself and those close around him.

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