Gohmert Blasts Democrat’s Double Standard in Joint Session Speech


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Charlotte, NC — The dominating news topic of the day will no doubt be President Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress. He said a lot of controversial things that mainstream media will love and conservative media will report against. While those things are important, there is a glaring double standard that must be looked at.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) talked about it in a statement he released on Wednesday night. Biden’s speech was not really to a joint session of Congress, but rather a handpicked selection of those who Biden, or his handlers, approved to be at the speech. The fact that the joint session was so empty really makes no sense.

In his comments, Gohmert shared that all of Congress has been offered, and most have received the COVID-19 vaccine. Biden and his radical friends all share that the vaccine is what creates immunity for people to be able to return to normal. So if they are immune, why was all of Congress not invited?

He also mentions that Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed a representative that was sick with COVID to attend a vote to assure that she was allowed to become speaker of the House once again. So if it is for personal gain, then it is acceptable to break the rules, but not for a historical moment like the President speaking to a joint session? You can see Gohmert’s full press release below.

The move to hold the joint session of Congress in this manner truly highlights the divisive agenda of the Democrats. On the one hand, President Biden tells Americans to go receive their vaccine to roaring applause from the radical Left to start his speech. On the other, they refuse to show Americans how we can return to normal by blocking members of Congress from attending that have been fully vaccinated and are immune.

The move becomes even more confusing when you consider that Biden was allowed to remove his mask as he gave his speech and that Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris were allowed to sit closer than 6 feet together. No one else in the chamber was allowed to sit closer than 6 feet. But the Democrats wanted Kamala Harris front and center as part of the show, so the rules did not need to apply to her.

This speech was nothing more than political theater and did nothing for the United States of America. President Biden and the Democrats, time and again, have told the American people that vaccines are the key to returning to normal and that they are committed to bipartisanship. Instead, they continue to prove that they intend to keep people under their submission as long as possible even with vaccines, Congress included.

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