Gov. Andrew Cuomo must hate elderly people as he prioritizes drug addicts over them


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Albany, NY — No one forgets the COVID-19 debacle in New York earlier this year. Gov. Andrew Cuomo literally was responsible for thousands of deaths. He issued guidance that resulted in thousands of deaths of the elderly around New York.

He mandated that long-term care facilities accept COVID patients from the hospital. Many of these patients were still contagious, but that did not stop Cuomo. Those patients were pushed into the long-term facilities, and thousands died.

He then proceeded to deny the whole thing, saying that he never issued such guidance. It must be bad if you are a liberal and CNN fact checks you and finds that you lied, but that’s exactly what happened. CNN found that Cuomo lied and was responsible for the deaths.

Now, it appears that Cuomo is again showing his hatred of the elderly.

The New York Post is reporting that Cuomo has prioritized addicts ahead of the elderly in COVID vaccine distribution. He argues that these individuals are in a congregate setting, and it places them at a higher risk. Tell that to the elderly people of New York.

All the data shows that the elderly are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. It is more likely to result in severe sickness and death, causing additional strain on hospitals and COVID units. That’s no concern to Cuomo, however, as he is proceeding with vaccinating addicts with shots to begin this week.

At the beginning of the vaccine discussion, Cuomo was threatening to sue the federal government over the distribution of the vaccine. He said that his state deserved more of the vaccine and should not be rationed. President Trump had made a suggestion that New York may not receive their full allocation. That never transpired, but now Cuomo does something like this.

Cuomo is not concerned with protecting the lives of those who are most at risk. I understand the point that he and the leaders of the Substance Abuse organizations are making. Sure, these people may contract the virus and may spread it. Just like anyone else.

The CDC gave three goals with the COVID vaccine. They were to reduce death and serious disease, preserve a functioning society, and reduce the burden of COVID-19. They clearly outline that elderly patients should receive the vaccine along with frontline workers. These came in phase 1b, after healthcare workers and long-term care residents.

Cuomo has continued to cause his people to live under ridiculous restrictions, as he cites following the “experts.” He certainly did not follow the experts here.

Instead, Cuomo decided that the elderly of New York are disposable. Instead of focusing on helping eliminate death and serious disease, he decided to focus on a special interest group that is much less likely to suffer serious complications from COVID.

The citizens of New York need to remember this. Especially those that were neglected and disregarded. If you are elderly, Cuomo has proven twice he has no concern about putting you at risk.

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