Harris Intends to Further Divide in Order to Pass Legislation


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Charlotte, NC — One of the things that is the subject of a lot of discussions is how Joe Biden would possibly get anything to pass in the divided Senate. He should have no issues in the House, where Democrats hold a slim, but a manageable majority. His Vice President showed us just how she intends to get things accomplished.

One of the Senators that has been critical of Biden’s agenda is Sen. Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia. He helped Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to save the filibuster and has said he would not vote for many of the progressive items in the Biden agenda.

Biden and Harris lost the state of West Virginia by almost 40% in the election, with President Donald Trump carrying the vote in every single county. Manchin knows this and he knows that the socialist plans of Biden and Harris are not popular. To save himself, he plans to oppose them.

So Harris decided to just take things into her own hands. She decided to go out on her own and go directly to Manchin’s citizens and attempt to win them over.

Fox News reported the pair of interviews and that they were surprising to Manchin. He said that the administration never called him to discuss the interviews, a common practice when these things may happen in the state of a Senator. Many times, the Senator will also participate in the event.

In his statements, Manchin was critical of the move. He said that while Biden and Harris have promoted a theme of unity, this is far from a unifying act. He went so far to say as there is a bipartisan way forward for legislation, but this was not the way to accomplish it.

Manchin was not the only Senator attacked by Harris in the move. She also did interviews in Arizona as well, where Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D) represents the state. Sinema has also been more moderate than Democrats and also agreed to support keeping the filibuster.

When asked about the move, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Harris was simply making the case to the American people. That’s not all she was doing. She was sending a clear message to these two Senators to get in line.

It is not surprising that Harris would take on such a move, after all the Biden administration is following in the footsteps of former President Barack Obama. Obama was known for this type of pressure to get Senators to fall in line.

Things were much different in the Obama administration, however. It had been quite some time since Americans had experienced such oppressive government regulation and economic turmoil like Obama ushered in. It did not take long after he got into office for Americans to realize their mistake. They quickly gave control of Congress to Republicans to slow down the progressive movement.

Americans believed that Biden would be different. They believed that Biden would be some type of moderate that could be trusted to unite the country. They actually believed that Biden would not be radical and his message of unity.

Except his display of unity is that he will send his Vice President out behind the backs of Senators to try to bully them into compliance. That’s not unity, that screams corruption.

Biden and Harris intend to try to bully their way into passing legislation. If that doesn’t work, they will pressure the people to vote in more Democrats. Hopefully, Americans again see the issues and turn their backs on this radical administration.

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