Letters to the Editor — May 2, 2021


Limits of EMS
As a former volunteer with Emergency Medical Services, I have responded to quite a few calls involving Emotionally Disturbed Persons (“NYC expands no-police mental-health program,” April 27).
I can tell you that EMS and social workers alone are not adequate for a lot of these calls. Many of these individuals are either on alcohol or drugs, off psychiatric medication and usually beyond talking to.
I can’t tell you how many times we needed police assistance to restrain an individual before transporting them to an ER or psychiatric hospital.
It is going to be an extreme undertaking for a city with a large number of mentally ill people and drug users. Who is going to support the social workers and EMS when they encounter an EDP who won’t or can’t listen to reason?
Based upon my prior experience, I can already envision this program falling flat, just like most of Mayor de Blasio’s other programs.
Jim Glaab, Elmsford

Remember Collins
Mike Collins was not a “forgotten astronaut” to those who watched it all unfold as kids (“Space hero dies,” April 29).
He was one of a group of very brave men walking into the unknown for the challenge and for science. Several died. More almost died.
These guys showed a generation of young explorers how to live and how to be humble.
Many preparing to fly with SpaceX and NASA now will know Michael Collins like many of us knew him — as a hero in the dawn of the space program when everything was not about the individual, but about the greater goals of exploration — and a little competition with the Soviets at the same time.
There is much to be learned from those who saw it first-hand and those who made it happen.
David Horn, Nashville, Tenn.

‘Revenge’ lunacy
The article “Woman convicted of ‘revenge porn’ for sharing photos to prove fiancé cheated” (April 27) provides a perfect example of legal and judicial lunacy.
An allegedly cheating fiancé impugned aggrieved partner Bethany Austin’s reputation by calling her “crazy” after “the other woman” sent pornographic photos to Ms. Austin.
All that Ms. Austin did was set the record straight: She wasn’t crazy, and her fiancé was a liar and a creep. And for this, she gets convicted of “revenge porn?”
Richard Reay, East Fishkill

Flaw of tax hikes
Here we go again with more loony-left failed policies that will do nothing but hurt the economy (“Joe’s New Recovery-Killer,” Editorial, April 29).
Both Republicans and Democrats have previously cut capital-gains taxes. Why? Because they know investors change behavior in response to tax changes.
Higher taxes mean fewer transactions, less tax revenue, less economic growth and fewer jobs. It is a lose/lose situation, but at least bitter liberals will rejoice they are sticking it to the rich.
Rich Codey, Manhattan

Kerry’s Iran leaks
Not only did John Kerry negotiate one of the worst nuclear deals ever with Iran, we now find out that he was allegedly an informant for the Iranian government (“Blab rat Kerry’s a mullah mouth,” April 27)
I don’t care what political party you belong to, telling our secrets to any foreign government, especially one who sponsors terror, is treason. Kerry should be forced to step down.
Bob Robustelli, Stamford, Conn.

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