Media Continues to Ignore Ashli Babbitt Case As Family Files Lawsuit


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Washington, DC — The Ashli Babbitt story continues to be ignored among the mainstream media outlets. It’s obvious that she does not fit the profile of a story that they would like to report on. They wanted to report on her “attack” on the US Capitol, but certainly do not want to report on the fact that she was shot by a Capitol Police officer who has not faced any charges for the action.

Babbitt’s family believes that charges should be filed. They argue that the officer could see she was not armed and posed no immediate threat. Biden’s Justice Department has refused to peruse any charges against the officer involved in the shooting, citing insufficient evidence.

Since the charges continue to be ignored, the family has decided to seek justice for her life through a civil suit filed against the officer who shot her. According to the family, they will cite that her constitutional rights were violated by being shot without warning.

If this were a different situation, the mainstream media would be reporting on this continually until “justice was served” for her life. The mainstream media ran with the story of George Floyd, a criminal who was in the process of committing a crime and was shot. While Floyd did not deserve to die, neither did Babbitt by the Left’s own justification arguments.

The case is expected to be filed in the coming days.

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