Mitt Romney Is Not Fooling Anyone In Utah


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Salt Lake City, UT — On Saturday, several conservative outlets started reporting how Sen. Mitt Romney was being booed at the Utah GOP event. It was not just a simple boo and it was over, this was over two minutes of nonstop booing. It went so far that a GOP representative stepped in to ask everyone to show respect.

That was after Romney was trying to talk about Biden’s first 100 days and that he was no fan of President Trump. The only trouble for Romney is that nearly 60% of everyone in Utah was a fan of President Trump and voted for him in 2020. You can see a video below of the experience that Romney had.

Sen. Mitt Romney booed at Utah GOP convention.

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The truth is that Romney is not fooling anyone in Utah, nor around the country. Romney is not the conservative that he claims to be, nor has he ever been. Sure, he may share a few viewpoints with conservatives, but he is not a conservative or even a Republican.

He tried to tell the crowd that they could boo all they wanted but that he has been a Republican all his life. He has been the typical RINO his entire life, making a living on the backs of anyone that he can convince that he is actually Republican. But he is not.

The only trouble is that Utah is stuck with Romney for 4 more years before he is up for reelection in 2024. The positive is that no one in Utah is fooled by him and his actions anymore. We fully expect that Utah will send Romney home in 2024 and that Trump will help push a challenger of Romney.

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