New video shows how money flowed to Democratic areas to influence the 2020 election


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Charlotte, NC — A new video was published on Twitter on Saturday that explained how America’s political system is not a democracy but rather a Republic. Most would agree and have no complaints about that, but the remainder of the topic is interesting.

In the new video, Scott Adams gives a micro lesson on the American political system. Adams is famous for creating the cartoon Dilbert.  He explains how the system works, from the Electoral College to the American voter, but then he gets down below that level to a new level. Adams describes how voters were affected in swing states and how the vote was influenced.

He specifically focused on swing state votes and voter turnout. He shares how voter turnout was significantly influenced this year due to rule changes. He then shares that the rules changes were financed by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Adams’s video is very interesting, but you must know more details behind it to understand what he is saying. You can watch the video in full below.

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Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) walks through how deeply America’s political system is driven by billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg

Adams makes a reference to Phil Kline in the video. Kline has been outspoken about the rule changes over the past year in order to allow easier access to voting in Democratic-led areas. Specifically, he spoke about how Zuckerberg ran a shadow campaign against Trump, financing election changes, and election judges.

The statements tie into the report from Amistad, which shared how Zuckerberg and other billionaires used their technology and funding to target voters differently based on their voting preference. Zuckerberg’s money flowed through multiple groups that donated millions into Democratic areas, greatly influencing the voters in that area. It was not just the influence but also how the group operated.

For example, CTCL, a group that was financially backed by Zuckerberg, funded mobile precincts. Funds were used to travel around, registering people to vote and collecting ballots in these Democratic strongholds. This would certainly allow for fraudulent voting, as has been alleged by the Trump administration.

The report also shares that funding from these groups was used to train new poll workers through electronic poll training booklets that were created. Of the areas that received the grants from the group, the overwhelming majority were won by Joe Biden.

Zuckerberg was not the only one that was mentioned specifically in the report as having helped fund CTCL. Google was also mentioned as a main financial backer of the group. Both Facebook and Google have specifically targeted conservative groups throughout the election cycle.

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