The Texas Tribune and ProPublica Blames Texas For Failures of Texans


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Dallas, TX — The Texas Tribune and ProPublica partnered on a hit piece against the state of Texas at the end of the week. The article said that the state of Texas enabled the worst carbon monoxide poisoning catastrophe in recent US history. The reference was to the brutal ice storm that struck the state back in February leaving millions without power.

The article goes on to share a story about a family that migrated here from Ethiopia and their battle with carbon monoxide poisoning amid the winter storm. The couple, without power, started a car in their attached garage for heat and to power a cell phone to enable them to talk to friends. The car running in the structure allowed carbon monoxide to build and caused the family to become sick.

The article suggests that it is the fault of state and local officials for not mandating carbon monoxide detectors to protect homes. It advocates that the state of Texas allowing local governments to establish their own code enforcement caused major issues during the ice storm. In other words, the article is advocating for the state of Texas to step up and care for everyone in the state of Texas, just like the socialist want.

Time and again we see and hear stories such as these and it’s disappointing. It’s disappointing that we have serious discussions about how society is not educated on the basics of human life, so much that we necessitate establishing laws or enacting policies to care for everyone.

I think back many years ago when I was in school and they taught us the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, along with the basics of fire prevention, electricity safety, and more. We used to have educational TV programs and pamphlets that would be passed around door to door by fire departments and civic groups to help educate people. But now, we would rather that our government step in and establish policies and laws to protect everyone and provide everything they could possibly need.

I am certainly not saying that carbon monoxide detectors are not important, I have them in my own home. It did not require the government to instruct me to purchase one. But I also understand the basic concepts of safety that were taught to me in my youth so that I would not place a running car in the garage of my home. As many people would agree, however, common sense is not so common these days.

This is not a failure of Texas in protecting these people at all. This is a failure of society for realizing that we must teach people the basics of human life. We would rather argue over stupid things, like the appropriate bathroom for those who want to pretend to be an alternate gender. We argue over things such as eliminating red meat consumption and cow farts to save the planet when people lack the common sense to save themselves in the middle of a winter storm.

Americans are struggling to understand how to make change for a hamburger at fast-food restaurants, balance their checkbook, or even make logical purchases when they receive their paycheck. That’s probably why the Democrats are so committed to establishing government income so those ridiculous purchases can continue or be government-regulated. Rather than teaching the basic skills for life survival, we are committed to teaching everyone how to destroy buildings and riot over nonexistent systemic racism.

Rather than sitting back and blaming the government, perhaps it’s time for these liberal radicals to start realizing that the role of government is not to save and sustain people. The role of the government was to provide for the common defense and provide a country for people to be free of government. It was never to be the sustainer of life and the provider of basic needs as the radicals want.

This is not a failure of the state of Texas at all. This is a failure of the radicals who believe that government is the savior of humanity. That title is solely held for Jesus Christ. The fascinating thing is that salvation through Jesus Christ also relies on an individual person accepting responsibility for their actions as well. It’s a concept that The Texas Tribune and ProPublica cannot seem to understand.

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