Things that 2020 has taught us about our country


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Charlotte, NC — There’s no denying it, 2020 has been one crazy year. We started the year having just learned about the coronavirus from Wuhan, China. We finished the year with nearly everyone so scared of the virus that they are willing to stay in their homes.

While most of 2020 has revolved around the coronavirus, there are some key things that I believe we have learned about our country. Things that some may have never expected, while others saw them coming.

Let’s start with the obvious. I do not think that anyone really expected that Americans would so quickly lay aside their freedoms for a little safety. In 1755, Ben Franklin is credited with the statement that shares the idea that those who are willing to give up their liberty for a little safety deserve neither. Governors across the country have forced their people into submission through ridiculous shutdowns that have done little to control the spread of the coronavirus.

We have seen small businesses and Americans across the country suffer at the hands of these shutdowns. While the elitists continue to live their lives as if nothing happened. While it sparked some backlash from Americans, the orders remained in place, and many have just accepted them and moved on.

We have seen a year in which significant evidence of mainstream media manipulation has been presented. We have seen the evidence released to show that, yes, the Russian collusion story was a complete hoax. We learned that it was fabricated by the DNC, coordinated by the FBI, and used to impeach Trump by the House. Millions of Americans joined the fight to call to impeach President Trump on charges that were a complete hoax and sham.

Yet those same Americans, after the mainstream media was proven to be covering up the truth, blindly believe that there are no issues with the 2020 election. They believe that a man, who obviously has dementia and struggles to complete sentences with and without a teleprompter, actually won the election. Many Americans ignore the numbers and how they simply do not add up.

For example, the fact that Joe Biden won a record low number of counties, only 16.7%, while also winning a record high number of votes, over 81 million. Yes, we are expected to believe that this man was more popular across the country than Barack Obama circa 2008, while winning around 12% fewer counties to win the election? While the mainstream media makes arguments to justify it, it simply does not add up.

This year has taught us many things, but what this year has taught us most of all is that America is a country that hardly looks like herself anymore.

Our country used to be one that would fight for freedom and stand for truth. Now, it appears the majority are willing to believe anything that they are told and blindly trust the mainstream media. Many Americans simply read the headlines and form an opinion, never truly researching and finding the information for themselves.

Our country was founded on the principle of freedom and that all men were created with the right to freedom. Now, it seems that many believe that our country was never free. They have rioted and destroyed our cities and businesses in the name of equality. They have demanded that freedom be removed in favor of government-supported lifestyles.

Another thing that 2020 has certainly taught us is that our country needs a return to its roots once again. We have deviated so far from our Christian heritage that we have almost forgotten the one who endowed us with those inalienable rights, as our founding fathers said. Our country seems to have more faith in government than we do in God.

We never saw the incoming China virus pandemic. We knew the virus existed, but I do not believe that most saw it as a global issue at the beginning of the year. Through the virus and the events of this year, we learned more about our country than ever before.

If we simply look on the surface, we could say that we have learned that over 81 million Americans no longer have a desire to be a free nation. We could say the overwhelming majority favor socialism, communism, or anything other than a Republic. I refuse to believe it.

I refuse to believe that all of the great patriots across our country that we have seen speak out about election issues, stand up in support of President Trump amid the attacks of the Democrats, and speak out against the ridiculous government restrictions, are outnumbered and willing to give up. That’s not who we are as a country.

I believe that the truth will come out. I believe that we are going to continue to learn more and more about the state of corruption in our government. The truth will prevail.

It just took 2020 to help us learn and see that our country is in much worse shape than we ever imagined. It took a pandemic to help us see how quickly many of our neighbors were willing to give up their freedoms. This year has shown us that it is time for those who still believe in God, freedom, and America to step up and lead our country again.

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