Two Speeches With Different Ideas of America’s Future


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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, President Joe Biden spoke to his first joint session of Congress. As expected, he advocated for big spending plans that will be celebrated by the radicals and the mainstream media alike. He wants to spend trillions more on an “ailing” economy. An economy that was absolutely roaring prior to the COVID pandemic and the Democrat’s ridiculous shutdowns.

While most of the speech was not surprising, he advocated for many other things like blue collar jobs that are backed by unions. He said that unions were the key to building the American workforce. Except nothing could be further from the truth.

He advocated saying that through his massive spending and through taking away American rights and freedoms, he could build a stronger America. He believes that bigger government can make a difference in the lives of everyday Americans.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) gave a speech about making a difference in the lives of Americans as well, but it was a completely different viewpoint. He shared how unions were not needed to build a strong economy prior to the pandemic. He shared how Democrats have turned the focus from our children and their future to the comforts of here and now. He shared all the work that Republicans did to help the black community.

While both viewpoints were focused on how to improve the lives of Americans, only one really spoke of inclusion of all people and addressing the actual needs of the country.

Sen. Scott’s speech talked about criminal justice reform, but not just for the Black Lives Matter crowd as Joe Biden wants. He spoke about helping the areas of education that need help, rather than just going in with a blank check to pay for education as Joe Biden wants. Scott’s speech talked about how Republicans worked to improve wages across all races, genders, and how quickly wages were growing. Biden’s speech was only focused on attacking wealthy Americans that Democrats have demonized over the past few years.

Each time government expands, the freedoms of Americans decrease. President Joe Biden wants to massively expand the role of government in ways that former President Barack Obama only wishes he could do. Obama was only a practice run for the massive plans that Joe Biden has in store.

There used to be a strong belief that large government was bad. The belief was that the federal government only existed in order to support the states, protect American rights and provide for common defense. Now, it seems the belief is that government exists to provide anything someone could want free of charge.

The era of big government is back and Joe Biden is committed to expanding the American government to reach every aspect of an American’s life.

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