Video: Opening Prayer of Congress Shows How Far Our Nation Is From God


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Charlotte, NC — To open each Congressional session, a prayer is said. At the start of a new Congress, a prayer is said for that specific Congress. This year, the prayer was said, but it was a complete slap in the face to our founding fathers and our nation’s history.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) opened the session in prayer. Cleaver was a United Methodist Pastor and the prayer did not deviate far from normal until he was near the end of his prayer.

Cleaver said he was praying to the monotheistic God, Brahma the Hindu god, and God known by many different names by many different faiths. It’s a significant departure for a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian faith. But that’s not all.

To conclude his prayer, Cleaver apparently thought he was going to pray gender-neutral and said the words Amen and a woman. You can see his comments below and the Washington Examiner does a great job sharing that the word amen is not a reference to masculinity, but rather a word that translates “so be it.”

No Title

A prayer opening the 117th Congress concluded, “Amen and a woman.” “Amen” translates to “so be it.”

Our nation has departed so far from the God who blessed our nation and our founding fathers allowing them to establish such a great country. Other nations recognize their faith, pray to their God, but we would rather pray to any potential God so we do not offend anyone.

Not to mention the fact that these radical communists are more interested in pandering to societal issues that they have fabricated than they are about truly speaking to God.

It’s even more ridiculous when you consider recent arguments of the left. Democrats have spent years arguing that gender is not binary, that there are dozens of genders, yet now we must pray specifically in gender tones recognizing a man and a woman?

It shows how ridiculously stupid these Democrats really are. They have no clue what they are doing and are making an absolute mockery of our history and our nation.

This continues to show that our nation has deviated so far from our heritage. Our nation that once believed in God and stood for faith and values. Now, we cannot even speak to God without pandering to the world.

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