Washington, DC Still Looks Like The Hunger Games Capital Panem Yet No One Knows Why


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Charlotte, NC — A little over a month ago today, Joe Biden was declared to be the 46th president of the United States of America yet there are federal troops still in Washington, DC. They were originally sent to provide security during the sparsely attended Biden installation ceremony because those fearless defenders of freedom and eavesdroppers upon GOP presidential candidates named (at least) Trump, the FBI, claimed, without evidence, that there would be protesters in DC and around the nation. However, for reasons passing understanding, they still remain standing in the cold doing nothing.

Over 21,000 troops were sent to DC for the event, but more than 6,200 of them remain. During The Surge, the climax of the part of the Iraq War where we were at least pretending to care about imposing our will upon the enemy, two brigades of the 82d Airborne, about 6,800 troops, were sent to Baghdad. Think about that for just a moment.  Only 400 fewer troops remain in DC now than at the height of the US war with Iraq!

Little to no explanation has been provided as to why they’re still there and, what’s more, the FBI isn’t talking either.

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The FBI again declined to comment on the threat assessment in Washington that is used by law enforcement as the rationale for maintaining a Guard presence.Some Guard members have grumbled that they do not know why they remain in Washington. https://t.co/vufSjyeqV6

Due to the alleged “continued threats, an impressive new fence has been erected now surrounding the White House.  The fence itself is more reminiscent of something you’d likely see protecting a Third World dictator.  But this isn’t appropriate for the capital city of the greatest country the world has and will ever know.  Let alone the world’s leading representative democracy.  Yes, our constitutional republican has, on the surface, turned our nation’s capitol into something not many of us have ever seen.

Last month after the sham impeachment vote, a claim without evidence was made that Trump supporters would demonstrate as the impeachment trial began.  However, yesterday in Washington, DC was about like any other February day in DC since the capital was relocated there from Richmond.  However, the only difference was the number of people wearing masks and brown pants in an attempt to hid their fear of the China virus.

This commentary by Mollie Hemingway really says it all:

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“This is something that you think of as banana republic or third world country stuff.” – @MZHemingway on the Democrats’ sham impeachment. pic.twitter.com/KQKXygDeLO

It’s a prop with a very nefarious end in mind.

How horrifying it is for many people in the country to see their capital surrounded by troops while the previous president is paraded in front of cameras for a show trial.

This is something that you think of as banana republic or Third World country stuff. If it was happening in Russia, you’d say that the regime is very seriously threatened.

And it’s not that this is happening in response to just a few very bad hours on one day but no subsequent threat, but it is done after a ‘summer of rage’ where cities nationwide were besieged. Where churches were set on fire. Where federal buildings were attacked. Where businesses were looted and ransacked. Where dozens of people died. Where thousands of police were injured. And when Senator Tom Cotton suggested that maybe the National Guard could be brought out, it caused a complete meltdown on the left. They actually fired their editor at the New York Times because they ran that op-ed.

And this is just…it’s crazy-making to see what they are willing to do unnecessarily in this situation what they weren’t willing to do protect average Americans. It’s all in an effort to deplatform and get rid of political opposition. That’s what impeachment, censorship in Big Tech, these types of military uses, the politicization of the military…again, it’s a very serious threat to the Republic.

It’s good that at least some Republicans are standing up and saying, asking questions about it but much more needs to be done.

The presence of armed troops currently stationed in DC are beyond unnecessary and are woefully un-American.  Their presence indicates the perpetual announcement of threats which continue to never materialize.  Fences, walls, and security checkpoints are not the outward signs of a regime that feels particularly secure.  Rather, our nation’s capital conjures up images of a White House staff living furtively out of suitcases afraid to unpack, with a convoy of military vehicles standing by to race them to Andrews and fly off into exile.

This is all patently absurd!

Washington, DC is not a capital in a science fiction action series.  The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay Part 2 shows the invincible capital of Panem being attacked by enemies and there are heavily armed Peacekeepers on every corner.  Along with an underground system in place there are agitators who hate the capital so much that willingly give safe passage to those wishing to cause harm on President Snow.  Their goal is to return Panem back to the people so they might be able to live in peace.

However, the United States of America continues to live in peace as Democrats and their media create a false reality that Republicans are like Katniss Everdeen attempting to expel the current administration’s occupants and give it back to the people.  A few bad hours on January 6th does not result in 24/7 patrol, fences erected, with attacks imminent.

The American people have a right to ask why the Biden regime is acting this way?  NO ONE is attacking them.  No opposing army has blockaded Washington.  No one is rioting and protesting in the streets, tearing down statues, harassing people leaving events like what happened this past summer.  The threat was real and actionable then but troops were no where to be found when they were needed most!

Democrats control Congress, the Executive Branch of government, and it’s filled with partisans.  There are, contrary to FBI wet dreams, no militias contending with the federal authorities to control the . Do they think acting terrified of the citizenry makes them look strong? Or do they think we are intimidated by this half-assed show of force?

Someone needs to start asking questions. Fast!  And if no answers are provided?  Ask again!

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